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Lewis Brothers : folk & camp fire songs

RIYL: Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, Punch Brothers

For the follow up to their 2010 debut, B*llocks, the fiery headed roots rockers decided to leave their electric guitars at home and put together a set of sing-alongs drawn from the vast repertoire of songs introduced to them by their families, friends, scout masters, and early musical influences while growing up in the Appalachian foothills of Southern Ohio.

Determined to capture the live energy that defines their stage show, the band teamed up with cohorts John K. Victor on harmonica and Jason Cochenour on fiddle and headed into Cincinnati, Ohio’s Mind Ignition Studios during the Autumn of 2011 to work with producer Robert Fugate (The Rubber Knife Gang’s “Drivin’ On”). The tracks were recorded in “live takes” meaning that the band performed together live in the studio without any fixes and then layered on minimal overdubs after the fact.

The result is a collection of fireside classics flavored with the Lewis Brothers’ uniquely eclectic seasoning and meant to be enjoyed by kids of all ages.

Preview Tracks:

Its a Lie


“The album kicks of with the light-minded “It’s a Lie,” which immediatly spreads a happy atmosphere, presented with a sense of humor. “Old Joe Clark” is another hillbilly tune with a nice mandolin picking, “Froggy Went a-Courtin’” is the band’s rendition of the well-known folk song that has so many other names and lyrical variations. “Poison Ivy” certainly takes the band into the popular music direction and they do a nice job on this Coasters’ hit from 1959.” - Mellows Log Cabin (Germany) full review here

Back to their roots for a great Album (5 Stars) “The Lewis Brothers pull it off again with their second album. This one is full of covers in their own style of folk and campfire songs they grew up with. Having heard all these song growing up its easy to sing along with this album. Whether it be classic folk songs like MTA to newer Poison Ivy and Lilly the Pink, the Lewis Brothers never fail to entertain. With some slick drums by Dennis and a mixture of guitars, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and good ‘ol singing, even your kids will love this one. In fact kids will love this album. Grab this album and head outside for a campfire.” – Dave McGhee

Solid, and fun, stuff (4 Stars) The Lewis Brothers sing music they love and feel a connection to … two things that make a group of good musicians a great band. They’re fun to watch live and this album, their second, is one you can probably sing along to, even if you’ve never heard of them. Along with B**locks, their first release, this album is a great compliment to their diverse style and musical talent.” – Michael W. Throne

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