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The Rubber Knife Gang - Broken Lines album coverThe Rubber Knife Gang’s third full length is out worldwide today.

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Truly inspired musicians don’t just mimic their influences. They grab ’em in a bear hug, rassle, prod, tease and twist them, and somehow make everything sound new and better. That’s what Hank, John and Willie, aka “the Rubber Knife Gang”,  have done yet again on their fantastic new release “Broken Lines.”Bob Hust, Blue Snakes & Banjos, WAIF FM

“Broken Lines” has essentially everything that made “Drivin’ On” so fascinating: catchy and beautiful melodies, clever lyrics and, last but not least, the unique harmony singing. There are songs to sing along with, songs to dance to, songs to dream to.-Mellows Log Cabin

I think the Rubber Knife Gang is one of those throwback bands, but I don’t mean these guys should have lived during the Bill Monroe era or their lyrics sound like they were written 100 years ago.   It’s more like somebody took away Curt Cobain’s electric instruments, so he decided to make a string band… and let Dave Grohl play banjo. –

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