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The Rubber Knife Gang : Broken Lines

Broken Lines_Cover

Genre: AAA, Folk, Alt-Country, Bluegrass

RIYL: Old Crowe Medicine Show, Avett Brothers, Punch Brothers, Trampled by Turtles, Greensky Bluegrass

Track List:

  1. Bringing Rain 2:32
  2. Siren Serenade 3:09
  3. **Draw the Line 4:36
  4. Broken Lines 5:07
  5. Take The Fall 4:07
  6. Damn You December 3:35
  7. House on Fire 4:25
  8. Gone Away 4:30
  9. Birds in Flight 2:49
  10. Straight and Narrow Line 4:33
  11. Someone Who Cares 5:23
  12. Hard Driving Rain (Demo Version) 4:48

**Some lyrics could be deemed offensive

All Songs ©2015 The Rubber Knife Gang

Henry Becker (guitar, banjo, bass, vox)
John Oaks (upright bass, vox)
Todd Wilson (mandolin, uke, guitar, vox)

 Song Samples:

Bringing Rain


Spinning: WFDU (NYC),  WMNF (Tampa, Florida), WREK Atlanta, GA, KDHX St. Louis, MO,  WOSU (Multiple Cities in Ohio) via The Bluegrass Ramble, WRLY (Raleigh, NC) and Little Raleigh Radio via The Bluegrass Experiment,  RVS Radio Voce Spazio (San Michele, Italy) via Highway61.itMusic From Foggy Hollow radio show broadcasted by Hawkesbury Radio (Windsor, Australia) re-broadcast via WAMU’s Bluegrass Country online, WAMU 88.5 and 105.5FM (DC, USA) and WNRV (Virginia, USA), PT’s Roadhouse (Vernon, BC, Canada and worldwide online), WEFT via From The Joshua Tree Inn (Champaign, Illinois),  Crossroads Radio (Netherlands), Roots Paradise (Netherlands), After Midnight 103.2 Dublin City FM (Dublin, Ireland), CountryFile/The Americana Zone Radio Havenstad FM (Netherlands), radio (Belgium), 92.5 Radio Rheinwelle (Wiesbaden, Germany), Delta Rhythm Radio Havenstad (Netherlands), Taste of Music Zuidplas Radio 106.9 and 98.3 FM (Moondrecht), 98.3 and 107.3 FM (Nieuwerkerk, Zevenhuizen and Moerkapelle) (Netherlands), Wildman Steve Radio (Alabama, USA),


Truly inspired musicians don’t just mimic their influences. They grab ’em in a bear hug, rassle, prod, tease and twist them, and somehow make everything sound new and better. That’s what Hank, John and Willie, aka “the Rubber Knife Gang”,  have done yet again on their fantastic new release “Broken Lines.”Bob Hust, Blue Snakes & Banjos, WAIF FM

“Broken Lines” has essentially everything that made “Drivin’ On” so fascinating: catchy and beautiful melodies, clever lyrics and, last but not least, the unique harmony singing. There are songs to sing along with, songs to dance to, songs to dream to. -Mellows Log Cabin

Broken Lines is inspired and worth relishing.  It proves that The Rubber Knife Gang can write profound material, have a wonderful vocal rapport and can play in an exemplary manner.  The band members have their fingers on the deep pulse of genuine folk/Americana/traditional roots music.Rob Dickens, No Depression,

I think the Rubber Knife Gang is one of those throwback bands, but I don’t mean these guys should have lived during the Bill Monroe era or their lyrics sound like they were written 100 years ago.   It’s more like somebody took away Kurt Cobain’s electric instruments, so he decided to make a string band… and let Dave Grohl play banjo. –

About Broken Lines:

“Broken Lines” is a collection of personal accounts, put to song through the heartstrings and hard work of three Cincinnati, Ohio natives, written and recorded mostly over the last two years. Stories about the lines that bind us together as a trio, infinitely strong yet often tumultuous and unpredictable.  Lines that were broken only to be re-joined, stronger but more creatively chaotic and organic, than ever before.  Among the “Broken Lines” are those that were once confining them to one particular genre. With this effort, they’ve stepped beyond even their own expectations and literally let it fly.   With tracks such as “Siren Serenade” and “Birds in Flight”, they give a respectful nod to the skin, recently shed.  But from the very first phrase of their opening track, and celebratory single “Bringing Rain”, it’s obvious an internal evolution has occurred. Further supported in the title track “Broken Lines”, with its initial balladesque, alt-country vibe, morphing momentarily both in tempo and in task to a time in the band’s not-so-distant past.

Why we are excited about Broken Lines here at Blackfork:

Upon release in late 2010, the reception of the group’s sophomore effort, Drivin’ On, far exceeded any expectations that John, Hank, and Willy had prior. The album quickly jumped onto the Euro-Americana Chart and Roots Music Report while gaining airplay and fantastic reviews from all around the world. After a rigorous schedule of performances in support of the album (including a 2011 European Tour and an “Emerging Artist Showcase” at the 2011 IBMA’s in Nashville) the band took a brief hiatus before starting work on the new material that would become Broken Lines. During this time the initial spark from Drivin’ On began to take fire which is still burning.  Through music sharing sites such as Spotify, Pandora, Last FM, and YouTube the song Tennessee Mountain Girl  has seemingly taken on a life of its own, becoming somewhat of an underground sensation and spawning a growing fanbase that seems to find out about RKG everyday. Guitar Tabs have popped up online, shares and comments in social media seem to keep coming, and even the ultimate tribute… cover versions by other well known artists and folks that the group has never met such as this ukelele version on Vimeo. With the release of Broken Lines, the group hopes to reach all of these new fans who found out about RKG via Drivin’ On and continue to bend the ears of many new listeners/potential fans along the way.



A Rubber Knife Life (2008)

A Rubber Knife Life (2008)

Drivin' On (2010)

Drivin’ On (2010)







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